Small Inspirations...  speak to the heart

"We can do no great things, only small things with great love." - Mother Teresa

Small Inspirations and Great Love

Small Inspirations... the CD

The play inspired by the CD merges positive messages
with the life affirming power of food, family and togetherness.


Things to consider about Small Inspirations


Music plays a large role in most peoples lives. Today children are introduced to music while still in the womb. Songs often provide touchstones for particular moments or memories throughout our lives.


The title song, Small Inspirations, really summarizes the CD and the play. The entire concept is something small. Not insignificant – just small. The songs are written about small moments in the day, passing thoughts, everyday occurrences. They are not monumental life or death situations and perhaps that is why they are so sweet.


Life, the stuff that is important, is comprised of family and friends. The trend in popular television, movies and books seems to be more about the authentic, the “real,” and often involves less scripted programming. Small Inspirations is not musical theater in the tradition of The Producers or Cabaret, but could be considered to be “reality theater.” The songs and the play are about a day in the life of a family of women and the small but wonderful moments they share.


The fact is, we have a great many hopes and aspirations for Small Inspirations. But, by putting it on the internet and sharing it with you we are hoping that is takes on a life of it’s own and finds its place in the world. It is a simple story, but often those are the best.



Please let us know what you think.



Inspiring Thoughts For
Inspiring Moments

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Music and Lyrics by
Janina Serden Sebesky

Play by Janina Serden Sebesky

With Culinary Inspirations by
Christopher Styler

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From the Author:

For almost twenty years I made being a good wife and mother my main priority. I put my love for making music on the back burner, so to speak. I couldn’t do it all. I always seemed to come up with good reasons why it was not the right time. 


And so life went on until I could no longer ignore the signs or the physical symptoms in my body. I came down with a serious case of whooping cough that lasted several weeks but continued to choke my throat and lungs for a year. It felt as if I were being strangled. At night, I would awaken with a feeling of panic and fear that I could die from asphyxiation. Does a disease strike randomly or is there a message in it? 


My life was good. My husband and children were thriving. I had a beautiful home, enough money and family and friends to love. And I was grateful. But I really missed making music. I knew it was time to use my voice to express what was in my heart. 


I began the process by taking care of myself, eating well and walking. I started writing down my thoughts and feelings in a notebook. And one day, when I was journaling, it came out on the page. I wrote, “I want to make a CD of original songs!” That was a tall order since I had not written a single song in about twenty years. Even though it was only my private fantasy, it was now written in black and white.


Then an interesting thing happened. Ideas for songs began pouring out of me so fast I could hardly keep up with them. If I didn’t write them down I would be awakened in the middle of the night with words and music that haunted me until I did.  It was like a door had opened to release memories and feelings that were just waiting for music to carry them into the world. It felt so good.


In about eight weeks I had written twelve songs. When I announced my plan to go into the studio to record the songs, questions like “Who will buy your CD?” activated my cowardly lion complex, but I persevered. For me, just writing the songs was rewarding. But to hear my own music being played by musicians who had played on some of my favorite albums was thrilling. And talk about good karma, in the same studio where I was working Art Garfunkel had just completed his project and Carly Simon was coming in to record hers when I was finished. If it wasn’t a dream - then my CD was becoming real. And now it is with great pleasure that I present, Small Inspirations.


It’s been my experience that through people I can find music and through music I can find people. When I sent my CD to Jodere, Debbie Luican responded to the music and lyrics by reaching out to me with a vision. She not only heard Small Inspirations, but also saw it come to life as a play. I thought it was a great idea. I hope you do too!


With love and best wishes,